New Football Team Created To Help Raise Awareness Of Men’s Mental Health


Men United East Sussex are a recently formed football club which was created to help raise awareness of men’s mental health and the stigma that surrounds it. The team was founded by Louie Wellfare, a former police officer who struggled with depression and anxiety due to the stresses of his job and lockdown. He wanted to do something to help himself and others with similar conditions and so Men United East Sussex was formed. 


Louie comments, “Raising awareness of men’s mental health is something that i’m passionate about and by creating this club, we’ve been able to share our stories with others who have suffered via something we all enjoy doing, playing football.”


The club already has a full squad of 30 members and will be playing their first competitive friendlies in the coming weeks. They train weekly and stay in touch regularly with group chats, including one specifically designed for those in need of support.


James Potten, who looks after the club’s social media as well as being a member of the team said, “The bond we have as a team is truly unique. Knowing that we are amongst other guys with similar afflictions is very comforting. It has enabled us all to be more confident when talking about things that have previously been too difficult to mention. Everybody involved has benefited from being a part of this team.”


The club are looking for the support of local businesses. They hope to raise additional funds to further support the team, their families

 and the wider Eastbourne community.


You can follow their progress via their social media channels and club website at You will find regular updates on their fixtures & results and social events.