Local Production Company Produce Award-Winning Short Film


Scriptworks Productions is an Eastbourne-based online and live content creation company, making films, ebooks, audio plays, podcasts, plays etc. Started during the first lockdown, we made our first short film, ‘The Chased’ on a zero budget and in a ten-hour shoot, in collaboration with members from Printers Playhouse. which has just won three awards: 


– Best Director from the Reale Film Festival

– Best Soundtrack from the Europe Film Festival UK

– Best First Time Female Filmmaker from the Toronto International Women Film Festival


The film was also officially selected by the CKF International Film Festival, the Lift-Off Online Sessions and the London Shorts Festival. 


You can see the film at the following places: 

– The film is being screened by the Lift-Off sessions from Monday 14th June for a week, where people can access and vote on two shorts. The top five go on to a judged round, where the winner is then screened at Pinewood Studios and Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. 

– A free online VIP private screening will take place on Sunday 20th June 2021 – tickets can be obtained via the Scriptworks events on Facebook or from Eventbrite later on this week. 

– A local live showing at Printers Playhouse, hosted by Eastbourne Filmmakers, on 10th July from 8pm. Tickets to the free event for showcasing local film shorts can be ordered via the Printers Playhouse events on Facebook, or via the Eastbourne Filmmakers page. Tickets are selling out quickly as they are very limited. 

Follow Emily Isaacs or the Scriptworks Productions social media pages to get more details. 


For more details, please contact Emily via her Linktree or via social media or the website, www.scriptworksproductions.com