First Responders Wanting To Place Two Defibrillators In Eastbourne Community


Eastbourne Area Community First Responders are a local charity whose volunteers provide localised emergency support to the South East Coast Ambulance Service.  They are dispatched to a variety of medical emergencies when a 999 call is made. Such calls as Cardiac Arrest, Heart Attack, Stroke, Unconsciousness.


The need to have access to a defibrillator was dramatically demonstrated on Saturday night by the saving of Christian Eriksen’s life. The quick reactions of the medical team and having a Defibrillator available made this possible.


The First Responders have two defibrillators they would like to place in the community as soon as possible. Both machines have been part of their equipment but have been superseded by more advanced defibrillators. Both machines will have new batteries and electro pads so they will be as good as new. 


If you are a community group, youth group or a charitable organisation you can have one of these defibrillators for a donation of £500.  That is approximately half the cost of a new defibrillator.

Please email  or call 07952 301488.


Richard Bradford said “We also provide training sessions for groups and individuals who want to learn the basic life support skill of CPR and use of an AED.  Skills which everyone should know and most recently evidenced in the football field last Saturday. 

Due to Covid we have been unable to raise funds as we would normally do such as attending fetes giving talks to local organisations and collections at local stores”. 

Visit our website ( for further information and how to donate.