Destination: Unknown by Judith-Marie Rhodes


About the Book`


Apothecary is a rock band hoping for a big future but, since two members are still at school, they don’t have much of a past. With no online presence or live experience, is it too good to be true that a national record label should offer them a recording contract? Is this a professional expression of sheer confidence in their precocious talent and star potential? Or is Apothecary nothing but a low-risk way for the industry to make a quick killing? Has any of them a clue what they’re letting themselves in for?


About the Author


An aspiring musician and newfound author facing the start of the university chapters of her life, Destination: Unknown is the first in a series of books written by Judith-Marie Rhodes. She is looking to continue the Destination series and is currently working on the second volume. Along with the charming tale of four young musicians who strive to change the world with their music, Judith is also writing the story of a troubled soldier out to complete his final mission in order to preserve the memories of his squad mates.


Published by Bumblebee Books

27-05-2021, £ 9.99, Paperback, 309 pages

 ISBN: 978-1-78830-909-7

Category: General fiction (Children’s / Teenage) / Modern & Contemporary Fiction


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