Christine’s gesture leaves homeless a cut above


An Eastbourne Rotarian’s wife was determined to cut her losses on missed lockdown hair appointments – and to do something worthwhile for charity.


Christine Marsden’s hair-raising initiative saw her generously donate the £400 she estimated she had saved from missed salon appointments, towards a rotary club’s mission to support the town’s homeless.


And thrilled to see her savings pot grow to £500 once gift aid had been added, Christine is now urging others to consider doing the same.


“I was absolutely thrilled to discover the benefit of gift aid on top of what I decided to donate,” she said. “Having always had massive empathy for homeless people, I decided the rotary project was a perfect cause. Remember, we are all only one step away from losing our homes.”


Husband Ian is a member of the Rotary Club of Eastbourne, which – to mark its centenary year – has launched a major crowd funding campaign to buy and convert a property into four one-bedroom dwellings for the town’s homeless.


The club’s “Homes for Homeless” target of £400,000 will be matched by partner Southdown Housing Association, a not-for-profit specialist provider of support and housing services to vulnerable people.


Said Mrs Marsden:” Whoever would have guessed, as we cruised the east coast of America in the lap of luxury in January, 2020, that in 14 months’ time we would be reduced to this. . . .


“I’d saved £400 in missed hair appointments. I could spend it all on myself once the shops reopened, or put it to good use. The club’s homeless project was close to my heart – and my mind was quickly made up.”


Mrs Marsden urged others to follow suit, as part of a programme of fund-raising events and initiatives to secure the support of community and businesses across the town. All information on the project and a range of options on how to donate can be found at