Local Resident Applauded for her Dementia Outreach


Local Resident Applauded for her Dementia Outreach


The Eastbourne Dementia Action Alliance (EDAA) is delighted that the work of local dementia activist, Christine (Chris) Maddocks was formally acknowledged at this year’s National Dementia Hero Awards which were announced last night at an online ceremony.


Ms Maddocks was a runner-up in the Outstanding Achievement Category. A notable achievement, as 450 nominations were received from around the UK. 


Former MP and Trustee of EDAA Stephen Lloyd said: “This is recognition of the fantastic work Chris has done locally to help raise awareness of the many challenging issues affecting people living with dementia. Along with her ceaseless campaigning for the best services possible to ensure those with dementia lead as full a life as possible.”


He added: “Since coming to terms with her own diagnosis in 2016, Chris has worked tirelessly in collaboration with her partner to highlight the difficulties faced by those with dementia. In print, on TV, social media, speaking at conferences as well sitting on various panels and advisory groups; Chris is a veritable tour de force. All of us at the EDAA are thrilled her efforts have been recognised.”


Ms Maddocks has also been instrumental in setting up a number of initiatives at national as well as local level, including an Eastbourne based peer-to-peer support group (Sea DEEP) for people living with dementia and their carers. 


She uses her lived experience to assist with the training and education of healthcare professionals and students and despite having to shield during the pandemic, Ms Maddocks has continued to be active around Dementia issues. She has been making full use of social media and online meeting platforms to continue her drive to bring about positive meaningful change for those with dementia, and also to help keep up the spirits of others by sharing photos, tips and stories. Eastbourne residents may recall her having her head shaved last summer in order to raise money for the Alzheimer’s Society? 


More recently she appeared on the BBC One Show where she spoke about Hug Dolls, a new sensory device for people living with dementia which she had helped to test during their development stage.


For more information about the Dementia Hero Awards please visit the Alzheimer’s Society website at: https://www.alzheimers.org.uk/dementia-professionals/conferences-and-events/dementia-hero-awards.


If you wish to learn about the EDAA please visit  their website on: https://www.eastbournedaa.co.uk/