Safe Spaces Online Scheme Launched in Bid to Help Domestic Abuse Victims


I want to share with you about our local government stakeholders UK Power Networks’ participation in the online Safe Spaces initiative, an initiative led by the Royal Mail group and charity Hestia, part of the UK Says No More campaign against domestic abuse and sexual violence.


As you may be aware, domestic abuse has increased over the pandemic and lockdown periods, and we want to raise awareness of the Safe Spaces online initiative. As a company, we have not only responded to the rise in domestic abuse by adopting Safe Spaces on our website, but also provided training in partnership with AVA (Against Violence & Abuse) with some of our call centre staff, to identify domestic abuse during a telephone call, as well as funding some of our fuel poverty partners to support victims of domestic abuse.


The Safe Spaces button can be viewed on our website discreetly available near the bottom of the page. When clicked on, it provides information on domestic abuse, and signposts any individual for national or local support, as well as being easily exited on a computer if needed. Furthermore, the page is not recorded in a user’s browsing history.


The online Safe Spaces initiative was an incredibly easy, quick and straightforward process to put on our own website, as Royal Mail have created a simple ‘how to’ guide for the IT teams to upload it. Royal Mail and Hestia state there is no charge for this or any initial or ongoing subscription costs to put this on your own website.


If you are interested in encouraging your own council, even down to town or parish level, to put the Safe Spaces button on their website, you can contact to join the scheme.


Yours sincerely,

Michael Horwood – ED1 Stakeholder Engagement & Public Affairs Manager

UK Power Networks