The Beach Studio – Benefits of Being By the Sea


5 Benefits of Being By the Sea

Living near the coast has many benefits – we’ve listed the top 5 below:-


Sea Air Will Help You Sleep Better and Longer

Sea air can actually help you sleep better. A study by Environmental psychologist, Eleanor Ratcliffe for the National Trust found that after a good walk by the sea, people slept approximately 35 minutes longer, than those who went for a similar walk inland. 

Walking by the sea also appears to really improve the mood and help with relaxation which also aids a good night’s sleep. One though is that it would seem that the sea provides the opportunity for contemplation because there is less to see (aside from the large blue expanse).


The Sound is Relaxing

Small, gentle ripples or large, crashing waves can both have a soothing effect on the ears, but why? Apparently, it’s the fact that it’s a consistent, low decibel sound. There are no sudden, high pitches and even the larger waves tend to build up gently, so the mind doesn’t understand the sound as a threat. Sudden, high pitch sounds cause a stress response in the body, whereas the sound of the sea is quite the opposite and is pleasurable to listen to.

If you can’t get to the sea, there are many ‘sea sounds’ to be found on YouTube and Alexa as an alternative!


The Sea is Good for Your Mental Health 

Have you ever noticed how much better you feel after spending a day beside the sea? Research carried out for Health and Place found that those who lived less than 1km from the coast had better mental health than those who lived over 50km from the sea.

When considering the beautiful sounds of the waves and the thought-provoking vistas, it’s not surprising that the sea improves mental health. A day trip to the beach lets the mind slow down and relax.  


Being Close to the Sea Can Benefit Your Physical Health Too

A study carried out in Belgium found that those who lived within 5km of the sea were found to have better general health than those living 50-100km away from the coast.

Reasons were examined, like air pollution or people being more active or social nearer the water but no correlation was found. It would seem that being by the sea simply is beneficial for general health.


Being by the Sea Can Benefit Your Skin

We all know that spending too much time in the sun is a bad thing (staying sun safe is very important). That being said, 10 minutes on the beach in the sun could provide your day’s recommended allowance of Vitamin D. Another benefit is that salt water is known for its anti-inflammatory effects thanks to the lovely minerals within. The skin on your feet will benefit from the natural pumice of the sand – so walking barefoot walking on the sand can leave your feet satisfyingly soft.

Spending time in the sea can have healing effects on skin issues like dermatitis. If you don’t fancy a swim from our beaches, then bathing in Epsom salts can provide a potentially cleaner and similarly beneficial effect. 


Have we convinced you yet? 


We all know, deep down, that being by the sea is such a wonderful experience for mind, body and soul. Our studio at the Natural Fitness Centre is located directly by the beach so you can combine your regular fitness and relaxation classes with some healing time on the beach. To find out more please visit our website or give us a call on 01323 732024. 

Tracy Fuller

The Beach Studio, The Redoubt, 

Royal Parade, Eastbourne