Nature’s Natural Balm by Nadine


‘Nature’s natural Balm’

How much time do you spend connecting with Nature?


Nature is beneficial to both our physical and emotional health and wellbeing. Daily fresh air and exercise is a fabulous benefit of being outdoors and we all know how much better we feel after time spent in the great outdoors.


Following this thought I have noticed that Mindfulness Walks are gaining in popularity. Walks in the woods called Shinrin-Yoku and Forest Bathing have so many health benefits, but you can get similar benefits by walking mindfully anywhere, even in towns and cities. You can bring your awareness to any part of nature that appeals to you, a tree, a bird, a squirrel, even a leaf or patch of grass. You don’t even need to stop walking just take a moment to really look and feel. I always like to suggest that people just begin by simply looking up. The sky can be amazing and there are often fabulous clouds to focus on. 


We’ve all heard of tree hugging and its benefits, but did you know, that you can release your negative emotions out to trees, and they will happily absorb it from you. You can achieve the same feeling by releasing your negativity to water as well. If you’re lucky enough to live by the sea, give it a go. Just think about what you want to let go of and visualise it being taken away for you on the waves. I even know people that shout at the sea to get rid of emotions. It’s very empowering.

As part of a positive morning routine, it is good to include a walk around your garden or local park or green space to welcome in the day. You can also feed the birds and feel that they are repaying you by providing you with a wonderful way to relax by mindfully watching them. Even if you don’t have a garden a few breaths of fresh air from an open window and a birdfeeder attached will have the same beneficial effect.


Grounding has been proven to increase our immunity and can be achieved by simply walking or just standing on the earth and taking a moment to really connect. If you’re brave enough barefooted is the best way but you can use your imagination, even when sitting indoors and taking your attention to your feet and imagining that you can grow roots from the bottom of your feet that go deep into the earth spreading far and wide, enabling you to feel strong, safe and secure whenever you need it. This is a powerful Mindfulness practice that is used to reduce stress and anxiety.

By immersing yourself in nature and practicing your own wonderful ways of connecting, you’ll feel fresher and be much more productive.


If you’d like to find out more about how you can snatch moments of calm, add simple moments of mindfulness in nature, and release negative emotions in your day-to-day life, which greatly improve your physical and emotional health and wellbeing then get in touch with Nadine. She will be happy to show you how you can fit many delightful practises into your day-to-day life.

Nadine from Calmer Self

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