Love your Lines by Jane Long


And yes – I am talking about your wrinkles!

It’s a fact; many people talk about how they don’t like their wrinkles.  They wish they could get rid of them as well as sagging eye lids and that crease that appears in between the eyebrows.

The collagen in our skin begins to deteriorate from the age of 25 and then a rapid decline begins around our mid 40’s onwards.  This can lead to a sudden change in appearance.  Wrinkles may appear that you hadn’t noticed before, and your skin tone and shape of your face may change.  This can be disconcerting and lead to a sense of grief and loss for the looks you once had.

It’s very easy for our negative self-talk to kick in when our looks have seen better days.

As youngsters we are expected to take steps to prevent the signs of ageing. And then we get to our mid 40’s and upwards and we see slogans of ‘Anti-Wrinkle’, ‘10 years younger’, ‘anti-ageing’ and ‘reverse those signs of ageing’.

But perhaps we should question …. About why we want to look 10 years younger?  How would we feel if we banished those unwanted lines?  What will we gain?

We all want to look our best but if this desire is coming from a sense of anxiety or with a heavy heart, we may be striving for a constantly moving idea of perfection.

There are natural approaches to improving looks, including holistic facials that release emotional stress from your face, tension from your neck and jaw and smoothing your skin which improves skin tone and reduces fine lines.  Regular exercise, eating a balanced diet and attending to your emotional health will also do wonders and make your skin glow from within and reduce fine lines.

With a regular facial routine and being kind to yourself, you may allow yourself to Love Your Looks!

Jane Long is a holistic therapist and runs a 6-week online programme called Love Your Looks via Zoom.  

This programme includes a guided holistic facial and focuses on a different area of the face each week.  For more information, please visit