Life After Lockdown – Clare Puplett


Being in lockdown has been a challenging experience for many, if not all, of us. With increasing moves towards easing restrictions, people are talking about what things might look like when they are lifted. If that makes you nervous, don’t worry, it is normal to be feeling worried about life after lockdown.

For example, some are worried about using public transport, others about seeing people from other households, whilst others are concerned about going back into work. If you’re experiencing any of these feelings, perhaps some of these ideas might help:

Take things slowly and steadily

Given what we’ve gone through, the thought of going back to ‘normal’ life may well be overwhelming, anxiety is a common response mechanism to try to avoid worrisome situations altogether. But this can be counterproductive, even heightening your feelings of fear or worry.

Doing things in small steps, rather than going for a big change straight away, may help to ease yourself back into the swing of things. If you do find yourself feeling anxious, you could try calming breathing techniques, mindfulness or meditation before you leave the house. There’s plenty of information online, it just requires you to make the time before taking the plunge.

Keep in contact with friends and family

Importantly, your mental health and wellbeing relies on you keeping connected to those around you that you love and trust. It’s counterproductive to bottle things up if you’re feeling worried; it’s much better for your mental health to talk honestly and openly about your feelings. Any crisis, current or past, is better coped with together.

Plan enjoyable outings ahead of time

Try to think about things you want to start doing again post-lockdown, so that you have things to look forward to. Planning to do the things that you love and enjoy will help your mental health. So, start making your bucket/wish lists, of things you want to do, places you want to visit and the people you want to see.

Re-establish tried and trusted routines

By now we may be used to a new way of life – working from home or just spending more time indoors than we used to – but re-establishing old routines, such as sleep patterns, exercise routines etc, as soon as you can, will help you manage the post-lockdown world easier.

Think about what’s important in your life

For most of us, lockdown has led to a slower pace of life, with less pressure to act a certain way, such as getting dressed for work, or getting together in social gatherings. So it’s important to take stock of the life you had and to think about what’s truly important to you, rather than what you used to do, or feel that you should do.

Don’t expect everything to be right from day one

Be kind to yourself as lockdown restrictions begin to lift and remember that it could take some time for things to return to some form of normality. Everyone knows that we have been living in unprecedented times and that our lives have been completely turned upside down, so what does it matter if you take your time to get acclimatised to your new surroundings?

It’s OK if you take longer to adjust than others. Everyone responds to situations differently and there’s no right or wrong way to adjust – the rule books have been thrown out of the window.

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