Langney Larder Launched To Provide Food and Help Eliminate Waste


The Langney Larder added a vital new component to the Langney Community Center when it opened on December 1, offering first quality surplus food to individuals and families.

In the first two weeks of operation, nearly 50 visitors filled a basket (up to 10 items) with a selection of meats, fresh fruits and vegetables as well as canned and packaged goods for a donation of £2 per visit. 

“Some people stop in at the adjacent café for a coffee and a bit of socially-distanced interaction, then find their way into the adjacent larder for a look around,” said Helen Burton, CEO of Volunteer Network. “It’s been wonderful to see the facility being put to such a good use, and at such a crucial time.”

The Larder is open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. until 12 p.m., the same hours as the adjacent community café. Visitors are requested to make one visit per week to ensure widespread access to available food.

Local appliance store DB Domestics generously donated a stand-up freezer to the Langney Larder, delivering the appliance in plenty of time for the opening.

“Thanks to DB Domestics, we’ll be able to offer frozen foods as well as a large supply of fresh foods and packaged goods as we expand and improve the Larder,” Helen said. “It’s yet another example of a caring Eastbourne business that stepped up for the public good to help address an important issue.”

The Langney Larder receives regular deliveries from Fair Share UK, the UK’s longest-running food redistribution charity, as well as donations from Tesco, local food sourcing organization Olio, and private contributions. Following the Community Fridge Network organizational model, Langney Larder is one of more than 100 Community Fridges throughout the UK offering first quality repurposed food to the public.

“The Community Fridge concept is based on environmental concerns,” Helen added. “This is an easy way for us to connect with our neighbours, share quality food, and help people save money while reducing waste and building efficiency into the food distribution chain. It’s also a wonderful way for us to come together as a community and support one another during this time of extreme difficulty.”

In addition to deliveries from Fair Share and supervised collections from local markets, Langney Larder accepts donations from the public, including:

  • Sealed packaged foods
  • Cheeses
  • Fresh fruit
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Table sauces
  • Pastry
  • Unopened pasteurised milk and yogurt
  • Unopened fruit juices
  • Packaged salads
  • Fresh eggs (traceable Lion-stamped eggs with clean shells and use-by date.)

Food items available at the Langney Larder will vary week by week, depending on the contents of bulk donations and food contributed by other sources within the community. 

Donated items are weighed, checked that they fall within “use by” dates, and placed on the Langney Larder stock shelves for visitors to choose. If you are donating goods, check with a volunteer before donating to make sure your items are permitted under UK Health and Safety guidelines.