Business Focus Section Starting February


The Eastbourne Voice will be featuring regular articles about local businesses, beginning in February.

Business Focus will offer articles, photographs and miscellaneous information about the business community to promote local enterprise among readers of the Eastbourne Voice.

“Now more than ever, local businesses need and deserve recognition for the role they play in the Eastbourne community,” said Helen Burton, Eastbourne Voice editor. “Local businesses are operated by our friends and neighbours, and it’s important to share their stories and remind readers how connected we are to one another.”

Local business owners are welcome to submit press releases and tips about news relating to their businesses to (Please include “Business Focus” in the email subject field).

“We’re looking for news about the major announcements in local businesses,” Helen commented, “including new business openings, partnerships, and key staff announcements. We want the Voice to reflect what’s going on in the business community in its role as a vital part of Eastbourne.”

Additionally, business owners interested in advertising in the Eastbourne Voice can request information via the email address.