News from Plastic Free Eastbourne ~ Adopt a Beach


Individuals or groups are volunteering to adopt a particular section of beach to care for its well-being ~ cleaning it and monitoring the debris collected.

Our initiative is based on the fact that our beach of about nine kilometres is divided into 93 separate beaches. Each has a number on the groyne which divides it from the others. In this way, volunteers can choose to care for the well-being of their own particular beach. To date, of the 93 beaches, only three remain as “orphans”, which is amazing. Oliver Sterno, Project Organiser says: “Well done to all the individuals, families, schools and other organisations for taking up this challenge!”

Several beaches have more than one adopter, and two of them have four. In due course, the next move is for volunteers to begin to communicate with one another, for those who have indicated that they are happy to share. One adopter would like to set up a WhatsApp group or similar, or a FaceBook group.

Recording sheets are being completed and sent in to create a record of the state of our beaches over time; also photos and comments are being shared on Facebook.

There is a real sense volunteers are aware they are part of a unique enterprise. This is inspirational and is helping our town to drive onwards with our target of working towards a carbon neutral town by 2030.

Oliver Sterno: Community Leader ~ Plastic Free Eastbourne and Co-ordinator ~ Refill Eastbourne