Andrew White – Artist


Enjoying the moment, recognising what matters – Andrew White, local artist

My name is Andrew White, aka Rooboymadethis. Art has always been with me, but it was in 2004 that I began painting when living in west Cornwall, like so many, inspired by the combination of landscape, sea and light. I never intended to be a nomad, but I left Cornwall after 13 years, moved to London for a while and arrived in East Sussex in 2017.

I experienced lockdown from the outside. Unable to work from home, it became more part of my world than my only world, giving me the freedom of being out while so many were asked to stay indoors for most of the time.

I met all sorts of people during this period, many of whom were terribly confused, frightened of the uncertainty, and of the pandemic’s spread. This experience made me realise the importance of grounding, enjoying the moment, recognising what matters, and always holding the candle of hope for better things to come; those positive strands that manage to exist in even the bleakest of circumstances.

My most recent images created between March and July 2020, are abstract in form and currently on display at Sea Kale, St Leonards on Sea. There is no societal or political commentary, just reflections of nature, some sort of acceptance of now, of place and a longing for happier times. There are exceptions, of course. The World still rolled, tragedies and joys entwining bizarrely with the Covid- 19- tide, and I felt compelled to create something in memory of George Floyd, and also an elegy for a close friend who left us during those months.

I normally work in acrylic and spray paint on larger surfaces, but these pictures started life as mixed media paintings on A4 Indian rag, an amalgam of house paint oddments, digitally altered photo collage, additional paint layers, before photographing and further digital render through my iPhone – the resulting Giclee prints on Hahnemuhle German Etching expanded to as large as 45 x 60cm.

Instagram:  Rooboy1961